Location & Access

Οlympus Εducation is located in Nei Pori village in Pieria (subregion of Macedonia region) – a seaside village, next to Olympus mountain and to the cosmopolitan summer resort of Platamona.

In Larissa (subregion of Thessaly region) and Pieria (subregion of Macedonia) are located most of our selected hotels for the stay of our educational programmes as well as our selected partners (educational institutes and private companies) that participate to our programmes.

Our location in central Greece is ideal for visits to the most reputable and world known natural and cultural sights such as:

Vergina archeological site

Olympus mountain


as well as the famous Greek islands – Skiathos, Alonissos and Skopelos.

Access Info

By road through the national road Ε75 Athens-Thessaloniki. Nei Pori village is just 5 minutes from the national road Ε75.

By train (either from Athens or Thessaloniki) through the train station of Larissa city or Katerini city (preferably). For more info www.trainose.gr

By air

  • Athens: Athens International Airport, 419 km, www.aia.gr
  • Thessaloniki: Macedonia Airport, 138 km
  • Volos city: Agxialos Airport, 115 km

Distance from main cities and major attractions

Athens: 400 km Thessaloniki: 108 km Larissa city: 48 km Katerini city: 42 km Volos city: 104 km Vergina: 93 km Meteora: 135 km

Route Calculation