Our Services

Olympus Education develops and implements educational programmes for students in Greece and abroad, and in cooperation with educational companies, schools, universities, institutions and organizations.

The “practice based learning” approach

Olympus Education implements the “practice based learning” approach. Practice-based learning is focused on making the learning process as realistic as possible and it helps students to link what they have learnt in theory with the real work experience. Practice-based learning aims to bridge the gap between theory & practice, which still remains a challenge in today’s work environment.

Our strategy, in practice based learning, is focused mainly on two directions:

Learning in the work place

  • practicing theory in the real workplace
  • gaining experience through work in industry-based tasks
  • training through activities and participation in class (e.g. laboratories)
  • information about career paths from highly experienced professionals

our educational programmes are:

  • executed by experienced scientific personnel and highly specialized staff working in the private sector
  • implemented in cooperation with established private companies
  • performed in cooperation with recognized public and private universities and educational organizations

Learning though travelling

It is well known that travelling is also an educational experience itself. Learning about the culture, the history and the nature of a place is always a lifetime experience. In Olympus Education, we believe that we are obliged to learn to our participants this world known Greek heritage.

our educational programmes are enriched with:

  • visits to world known natural and cultural sights
  • sports and leisure activities
  • learning activities related to the Greek culture
  • special thematic events related to Greek and our local cuisine, music, folklore dance and more ….

Our Philosophy

Our logo represents the philosophy and the identity of Olympus Education.

Our name has been inspired from our location, which is next to one of the most famous and most historical mountains in the world, Olympus.

In Greek mythology, Olympus was the home of the 12 Gods. The symbol of Goddess Athena is the owl, which is the worldwide symbol of education.

The thrilling conquest of Olympus peak in 1913, represents Olympus Education philosophy in what we do. To succeed and to reach the top in the professional career, it is required to combine a high educational background and a high quality practical training through top experiences.

European Union Registration – Erasmus+
Programme Olympus Education PIC number 917281568